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Achieve the best flock performance and increased production with leading edge broiler, breeder and layer water sanitation. WaterPro treatment and systems can help increase farm to plate production of birds, improve weights and reduce mortality.


Implementing water treatment on a poultry operation can also prevent the introduction and spread of infectious diseases. Hygiene and disinfection is imperative to ensure that infections and disease do not occur or passed on within in the poultry, and subsequently not passed on to humans. Within the Poultry
Industry, TwinOxide can be a principal and essential part of

Our poultry water treatment programs include custom plans for improvement and on-site specialist support to protect your investment.

Services we offer include:

  • Water disinfection

  • Shock Treatment of Tanks and Water Lines

  • Water Testing &Testing Supplies

  • Disinfection Plans for Short Term and Long Term Management

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High levels of chlorine in fish processing water can form dangerous levels of toxic chlorinated by-products. Eliminate the risk with ClO2 and reduce microbes that cause premature spoilage.

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The powerful disinfecting qualities of ClO2 make it an ideal alternative to glutaraldehyde, quaternary and peroxide based disinfectants. On average, 10 times less Chlorine Dioxide is required to achieve equivalent disinfection effect versus chlorine. 

Safe and easy to handle, our products will help you meet challenging disinfection requirements.

Services We Offer:

  • Disinfection Services

  • Disinfection Plans for Short Term and Long Term Management

  • Disinfection Supplies 

  • Emergency Services for Disinfection & Outbreaks

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Community matters to us. and we are in this together. We will work to provide our community with supplies and services you need to keep a healthy environment and keep our communities strong. 


The powerful and effective action of chlorine dioxide is not affected by background organic compounds, leaving more of the biocide free to do the job it is designed for, the inactivation of dangerous bacteria. ClO2 can penetrate biofilms and bacteria embedded on the cuticle of fresh produce, eliminating the source of spoilage before the produce leaves your facility. Contact WaterPro to start your plan to reduce pathogens that cause recalls.

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​ClO2 treated systems typically do not require dechlorination prior to discharge. 

Whilst chlorination using gaseous chlorine and hypochlorite has been the default option for wastewater disinfection for many decades, the increasing complexities associated with regulatory compliance mean that most operators are now actively seeking environmentally friendly alternatives.

Chlorine dioxide treatment of wastewater offers a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that is ideally suited for wastewater applications. The unique properties of ClO2 mean that it does not produce toxic chlorinated by-products as a result of the disinfection, and its selective action ensures that it does not react with inert compounds in the same way as peroxides and ozone, thereby drastically reducing the dose rates needed.

Services we offer:

  • Water disinfection 

  • Shock Treatment

  • Dechlorination

  • Disinfection plans for short term and long term periods 

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When compared to chlorination - be it from gas chlorination, hypochlorite, chloramination, or on-site electro chlorination; the powerful chemistry of Chlorine Dioxide ensures that only minimal dose rates are needed, and none of the harmful by-products associated with chlorination are produced. 


Chlorine Dioxide water treatment was first applied in European drinking water in 1956, as a pre-oxidant to remove iron and manganese contamination from raw water prior to treatment. Today, Chlorine Dioxide is applied throughout the treatment train - from the pre-treatment of raw and reverse osmosis feedstocks, through to the final disinfection and maintenance of a residual in the distribution network.

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