TwinOxide, not just Chlorine Dioxide

TwinOxide is a unique, advanced delivery system of two solid components

TwinOxide generates a 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide solution that is applied as a water disinfectant. It is delivered as a powder or tablet kit of Component A and Component B. Once added to water, TwinOxide develops into a stable, consistent and reliable 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide solution. The solid TwinOxide kits are easy to store and distribute with a shelf life of 5 years.

Superior Disinfection Power

There is a significant chemical difference between TwinOxide and other disinfectants. Although chlorine can be found in the name, TwinOxide does not contain any chlorine. When the TwinOxide solution is applied, the chlorine dioxide molecule kills the full spectrum of bacteria, algae, fungi, spores, yeast, viruses, mold and biofilm by its great oxidizing capacity. TwinOxide will not develop any carcinogenic by-products (THM’s/HAA’s).

Efficient Dosage and Water Disinfection

One liter of TwinOxide 0.3% solution, with a dosage rate between 0.05 – 2.0 ppm will produce up to 60,000 liters (15,850 gallons) of potable water (depending on the water quality).